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SYC First Annual Poker Run

For the little bit of Gambler in all of us...


Click the envelope below to get all of the details you need for the Poker Run.  Questions, please click this link:

Question on Poker Run


Pick up locations

Take a picture at any 5 of these locations and everyone playing on the boat team will receive a card.
  1. Entrance to Bald Head Island

  2. Baptist Camp (no one can be dancing on board!)

  3. City Pier

  4. Entrance to Deep Point Marina (or play tag with a Ferry)

  5. Lone Palm

  6. Quarantine Station

  7. Yacht Basin

  8. Entrance to Dutchman's Creek

  9. Coast Guard Entrance Channel

  10.  Oak Island Bridge

  11.  Sunny Point Split

  12.  Green 23

  13.  33.54.487N 78. 1.107 W

  14.  Price Creek lighthouse

  15.  Battery Island

  16.  Shark Hole

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